Community Resources

A rich offering of special events in and around the community. PTO/PTA links can be found on the individual school pages.

Please click here for our current Community Flyer Postings.

Per School Board Policy No. 920 (Communications), the School District of Upper Dublin distributes information through the Community Flyer Postings (formerly E-Friday Folder) for non-profit organizations with an event or service of interest to students and parents. The event should be in or very close to our attendance boundaries and the event should pertain to or involve students.

Non-profit organizations interested in posting a flyer should e-mail a PDF of the flyer by the 1st or 15th of the month to All flyers posted will need to be approved by the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee.

Please suggest a length of time for the flyer to be posted, and name the file with a descriptive but brief name as it will appear on the website. Often there are two or three flyers for the same type of program.

The flyer must indicate the non-profit status of the organization in order to receive approval.

Questions, please call (215) 643-8802.

The School District of Upper Dublin does review the submitted flyers for posting; the District does not assume responsibility for actual content of any of the activities offered.