Transportation is provided for students if their residence is outside the prescribed distance to school. These distances are: pupils in grade K through 5, 1.0 mile (plus or minus 0.1 mile according to the nearest intersection); pupils in grades 6 through 8, 1.5 miles; and pupils in grades 9 through 12, 2.0 miles.

Bus Routes
All Public School Families: Please check the Home Access Center for transportation information.
All Non-Public Schools – Bus routes have been provided to your school. Please contact your school and feel free to contact our office with any questions.
Tim Behan, Manager of Transportation
P: (215) 646-7778
F: (215) 646-7778

Ellen Bluestein, Executive Secretary for Transportation Department
P: (215) 646-7778
F: (215) 646-7779

Rules for School Bus Riders
* When you leave home, go directly to your assigned bus stop.

* Arrive at your stop 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled time.

* Stand on the sidewalk or road. Respect the property of your neighbors.

* Wait for the bus to stop completely before starting to board.

* Board the bus in an orderly manner. Do not wear your backpack when boarding the bus.

* Any item too large to be held on your lap should not be brought on the bus.

* Remain seated until the bus reaches your destination.

* Use normal conversational voice.

* Eating or drinking is NOT permitted on the bus.

* Keep head and hands inside the bus.

* Do not deface or damage seats or other equipment on the bus.

* Smoking, fighting, spitting, or using profane language is FORBIDDEN and will be cause for automatic
suspension of transportation privileges.

* When you leave your bus go directly to your classroom or directly to your home.

* The bus driver has the right to assign seats.

* Bus transportation is intended to bring students from home to school and school to home only.

* Ride the bus safely with COURTESY and CONSIDERATION for the bus driver and your fellow passengers.

* No adult/parent is permitted to board a bus for any reason unless prearranged e.g. chaperone.