Gifted Education Chapter 16

Mission Statement
The School District of Upper Dublin’s Gifted Program is dedicated to maintaining a comprehensive set of strategies for the identification, education, and guidance of gifted students.  The district seeks to provide appropriate educational experiences and accommodations to meet the distinct and diverse needs of gifted students.  The school district views effective gifted education as a shared, collaborative, effort involving educators, parents, students, and the community.

Gifted Programs
Students at the elementary level receive enrichment in the general education classroom, as well as, instruction in an eighty-minute weekly itinerant pull-out program with gifted peers.  Within the general education classroom, enrichment and above level instructional materials are utilized.  The principals, gifted teachers, math coaches, and reading specialists support the general education enrichment programming.  The itinerant program focuses on strengthening problem solving skills for critical and creative thinking.

Middle School
Students at the middle school level receive gifted services through content area courses, as well as, the general education classroom in the form of enrichment.  In sixth grade, all gifted students receive social studies instruction together, allowing the core curriculum to be delivered in greater depth.  Seventh grade gifted students are enrolled in language arts together, and in eighth grade, enrolled in a gifted science class.

At the high school level, gifted students have the opportunity to participate in honors and advanced placement courses to meet their instructional needs.  If additional challenge beyond honors and advanced placement is found to be necessary, GIEP’s are established to meet individual student’s needs.  In addition, all gifted students have the opportunity to participate in an independent study project, under the guidance of a mentor from the faculty.  Independent study courses are assigned credit based upon the amount of time dedicated to the independent study.

Identification Process for Gifted Referrals

Child Find and Referral Process
The School District of Upper Dublin utilizes multiple methods for the child find of potentially gifted students.  These methods include parent, student, and staff referrals and data collected through annual PSSA scores and a district wide assessment of aptitude (Cognitive Abilities Test – CogAT) administered in 1st grade.  Once a student is identified through the Child Find process, the school-based team meets to review available data and teacher input.  If the student meets criteria for further evaluation, a comprehensive gifted evaluation will be conducted.  When a student is determined to be eligible for and in need of Gifted Education Services, a Gifted Individual Education Plan (GIEP) is developed with the Gifted Multidisciplinary Team (GMDT). Students may have dual exceptionalities which may also make them eligible for services under Chapters 14 and 15.

Identification Process for Gifted Referrals