eNotification Sign Up

Parents/Guardians of enrolled students are automatically subscribed to the notification list of the school(s) that their child/children are enrolled in, using the contact information provided in Home Access Center (HAC). If you are not receiving regular and emergency messages  (school closings), you may have unsubscribed at some point. Please contact the secretary for the school your child attends.

Parents/Guardians of enrolled students are also subscribed to the DISTRICT mail list. To change the email address in which you are currently receiving emails, please change the email in HAC.

Community members who are not current parents, or parents/staff who would like community (non emergency) notifications about schools in which their children are not enrolled, may subscribe to School Messenger emails about news and community events by using the link below:

Subscribe to eNotifications

One may unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe option at the bottom of School Messenger emails.