Student Government Association

Thank you for visiting the Student Government Association. We are dedicated to making information regarding the SGA readily accessible, and we hope that you will find the contents of this website useful.  Please feel free to contact us by email with any questions or comments and stop by the SGA homeroom, room 152.

About Us

The SGA strives to enhance the quality of life at UDHS by committing ourselves to the service and involvement of the school community. The SGA sponsors many activities for school spirit, organizes fundraisers for charity and community service projects, works for school improvement, and represents the diverse opinions and interests of the students in relations with the faculty and administration.

The SGA is comprised of an elected General Assembly and Steering Committee. This is completely separate from Class Officers and Homeroom Representatives. The SGA as a whole meets on a semi-monthly basis, and the Steering Committee meets as necessary (at least weekly) to plan SGA functions.

The General Assembly contains representatives from each grade- 20 freshmen, 20 sophomores, 25 juniors, and 25 seniors. Representatives are elected annually by their entire class. Elections for sophomores, juniors and seniors are held in the spring previous to the year of service. Freshmen elections are held in September of ninth grade. Members of the General Assembly are placed into standing committees, each with a particular focus. The current committees are:

  • Activities – organizes all major school activities such as the Coronation Ball, the Volleyball Marathon, and Staff Appreciation Week.
  • Community Service – organizes all projects that deal with direct and non-monetary charities and shall work and volunteer in community activities.
  • Information & Communications – promotes effective communication both within the SGA and between the SGA and the student body by arranging showcases and providing announcements, flyers, posters, etc.
  • Policies & Procedures – studies existing school policy and investigates new policy; reviews the SGA constitution and bylaws and bring potential amendments to a vote at the General Assembly meetings.
  • School Improvements – organizes all SGA projects that deal with improving the school as a whole including reviewing suggestions for submission to the principal, and coordinating special projects such as the bulletin boards and surveys dealing with school improvement.
  • Spirit – organizes all SGA projects that deal with improving school spirit including running pep rallies, creating and hanging banners that encourage school teams, etc.

The Steering Committee is the executive body leading the SGA. The Steering Committee is elected each spring by the General Assembly, and candidates must be current members of the SGA. It consists of officers and committee chairpersons.

Steering Committee


 Back Row (L to R)Front Row (L to R)
Advisor: Mr. Chris Smith

Community Service: Jill Axelrod ’16

President: Michael Reed-Price ’16

Vice President: Max Speigel ’16

Treasurer: Joe Lee ’16

policies and Procedures: Wookun Jeon ’17

Spirit: Annie Stohler ’16

Advisor: Mrs. Jamie Fontaine

Secretary: Allie Wilk ’16

Underclassmen Representative: Angelina Han ’18

Information and Communications: Amanda Warkow ’16

Activities: Jessica Anninos ’16

School Board Representative: Emily Hershgordon ’16

School Improvements: Gloria Han ’16

General Assembly Meetings

All General Assembly meetings will be held in the Forum Room, unless otherwise noted in the Home Access Center.

Meeting Dates, Times, Locations
9/17/15- 7:00am

9/30/15- Homeroom – 8:00am

10/22/15- 2nd period

11/12/15- Enhancement 8a

12/9- 7:00am – cardinal block

1/7- Enhancement 8a

2/11- Enhancement 8a

3/17- Enhancement 8b

4/21- 8a and 8b (SC elections)

5/4- 7:00am – homeroom

6/3- 7:00am – homeroom

Agendas and Minutes

General Assembly members must complete meeting agendas, report to history classes, and return signed agendas to the box outside room 152 within one week of the SGA meeting.

Blank AgendasMeeting Minutes

Meeting 9/17/15

Meeting 9/17/15

Points and Strikes

General Assembly members are required to earn six (6) points by January 1st, three (3) additional points by the end of the year, and have no more than three (3) strikes.  Points are earned by participating in SGA projects.  Strikes are acquired by failing to follow through on SGA commitments.  Members in violation of these requirements will be reviewed by the Steering Committee and may be disciplined or dismissed.  Those dismissed are ineligible for SGA the following year.