UDHS Students and Alumni Search for Dinosaurs

For the second year in a row, UDHS students and recent alumni had a rare opportunity to work alongside geoscientists and paleontologists as part of the (Dresher-based) Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute’s 2018 field season.  Pictured are (from left to right) Jess Robinson (UDHS ’17), Blake Nutis (UDHS ’18) and Leanna Stackhouse (UDHS ’17) in front of the impressive remains of what is likely a 148 million year old Stegosaurus. To date, the bone bed includes multiple leg bones, the pelvis, several toes, vertebrae, ribs and the shoulder of this well known dinosaur species.  Based on the geology of the site, it is likely the animal died in a flood or river channel before being rapidly buried by sediment.  In addition, the site is also being surveyed by UDHS senior Jonah Carver through an ongoing partnership between the UDHS advanced geosciences program and West Chester University’s Earth and Space Sciences Department.  Jonah (pictured with the UAV and science payload) had the opportunity to collect data on the site using a drone-mounted multi-spectral scanner (MSS) capable of taking high resolution aerial imagery in both the visible light and infra-red portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.  This data will be used in support of an upcoming project centered on using advanced UAV technology in paleontological research.  The site was discovered in 2017 by UDHS advanced geosciences instructor Dr. Rick Schmidt and is still being excavated under his supervision along with other staff members of the BB

PI.  At the conclusion of the field season in mid-August, the fossils will be transported to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia for formal preparation.

Superintendent’s Report August 13, 2018

Upper Dublin Community,

It is my pleasure to share this brief report focused on District events and updates.

Mark Your Calendars

The District is buzzing with activity:

  • Upper Dublin fall sports officially began today.
  • Sandy Run Middle School “Talk ‘n Tour Tuesdays” will begin tomorrow, August 14th, and will continue on August 21st and August 28th.
  • Upper Dublin High School 9th grade and new student orientation will take place at 8AM on August 22nd.
  • Jarrettown Elementary will host a kindergarten meet and greet from 5-6PM on August 29th and Thomas Fitzwater Elementary will host a kindergarten meet and greet from 6-7pm also on August 29th.
  • “Jitters Away” open houses will take place at our four elementary schools on August 30th.  
  • Our first day of school is set for September 4th.

News from Across the District    

  • Water Concerns – Water provided in Upper Dublin Township appears to have levels of contamination below the current “health standard” of seventy parts per trillion (70ppt).  However, recently, there have been studies released that suggest the standards should be set at five parts per trillion (5ppt) or at a level below detection.  Tonight the Board will consider for approval a resolution in support of House Bill 705 of 2018. HB 705 encourages the Pennsylvania Environmental Quality Board to set lower, safer standards for these contaminants. We strongly encourage the local representatives in the Pennsylvania State Legislature to vote in support of this bill.  Please stay tuned to our website for additional information, including steps we are taking to in the best interests of our students and staff.
  • Home Access Center (HAC) – The HAC is set to open on August 15th.  Questions should be directed to your respective building(s).
  • Staffing for SY 2018-2019 – We are in the process of finalizing staffing for the upcoming school year.  We continue to examine class size and student schedules on a regular basis.
  • Summer Projects (Buildings and Grounds) – The summer months are always filled with a great deal of work on our buildings.  This summer our projects included:
    • Maple Glen chiller replacement
    • Fort Washington electric service replacement
    • High School sidewalk repairs
    • Asbestos floor tile abatement at FWES and TFES
    • New floor tile FWES (3 Classrooms)  
    • New floor tile TFES (3 Classrooms)
    • All gym floors are in the process of being refinished
      Mulch replenishment at all the elementary school playgrounds
    • A new fence surrounding the TFES kindergarten playground
    • Stage curtains for FWES and JTES ordered; installation after the start of the year
    • Fire alarm, fire sprinkler, and fire extinguisher annual inspections are in progress
    • All busses have been inspected and are ready for the start of the school year
    • Access points have been upgraded at the HS and new interactive boards are being installed in classrooms throughout the District
  • Upper Dublin Education Support Personnel Association Contract (UDESPA) The association’s contract expired in June.  A new agreement is being finalized, and we will be able to share more information once it is ratified.  
  • Connections – Are you following us on social media?  


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In Closing

  • With Gratitude – With the new school year upon us, I would like to thank all of our 12 month employees for their service and dedication to preparing for a successful 2018-2019 school year.  From ensuring clean and safe buildings to finalizing student and staff schedules and everything in between, school year preparations are always daunting tasks. We celebrate everyone for their hard work on behalf of our students!

Respectfully Submitted,
Steven M. Yanni, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools