Superintendent’s Report

Upper Dublin Community,

It is my pleasure to share this brief report focused on District events and updates.  Our Newsworthy News includes:

  • Bus Garage Project – I would like to take this opportunity to address the issue of the proposed facility that has garnered much attention, criticism, and speculation in our community.  My hope is that I can provide clarity and ease the tension this issue has caused.
    • The Board of School Directors will not take any action on a proposed facility or location this evening or at any time in the near future.  Such decisions can only be made after a complete and thorough analysis of all aspects of the project.
    • The exploration of a location for the facility has uncovered more questions that must be fully explored and issues that must be completely vetted.  
      • Is the Township committed to a joint project with the District?  At what level can they partner with us? Realizing their focus is on the revitalization of 520 Virginia as the new community/library space, what would their timeline be for partnering with the District?  Are there other Township plans that would thwart their ability to partner with us on a facility?
      • What are the exact needs and requirements of the facility?  This question can only be answered once we know if this will be a District project or a joint venture with the Township.  
      • What parcels of property does this District or the Township already own that can be identified as a possible site for a transportation facility?
      • Are the owners of our current transportation facility willing to sell it?  What is the cost? How much will it cost to remediate and/or renovate the building?
      • Do all aspects of a transportation facility (i.e., fueling station, maintenance area, bus parking) need to be located together?  
      • What are the community conditions that would be impacted by the location of a transportation facility (i.e. traffic, noise, air quality)?
    • We are currently working with a broker to identify land available in the Township that the District may be able to purchase for the project.  Our Director of Transportation has also toured several sites. All of this data needs to be compiled and we must analyze the pros and cons of each possible location prior to making a finite decision.
    • At no point will final decisions be made about any site until proper vetting has taken place.  
  • Comprehensive Planning – Next week our District’s Comprehensive Plan will be available for public inspection on our website and at our schools.  This document is merely a compliance document required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Later this week an eNotification will be sent to solicit volunteers for the real work ahead: the development of strategic action plans in the areas of teaching and learning, technology, engagement, finances, operations, and human resources.
  • PSBA’s Principles for Governance and Leadership – During our meeting this evening, our Board of School Directors will review and sign the Principles for Governance and Leadership.  These principles guide our Board of School Directors in their volunteer service on behalf of our students, staff, and community.  Articulated as evidence of best practices, these principles serve a method of accountability for volunteer Board service.
  • National Principals Month – National Principals Month is a widely recognized celebration of principalship, marked by national and state resolutions supporting the event, as well as acknowledgments from U.S. Senators and Representatives, and top government officials. However, the most important National Principals Month celebrations are the ones that take place in schools and communities across the country.
  • Social Media – Over the weekend it became apparent that countless Facebook accounts were compromised.  We use our social media accounts to convey important information and good news. If you see anything of concern from what appears to be our Facebook account, please email me.  My email address is  And, as always, please stay connected with the School District of Upper Dublin on social media!  There are many wonderful things happening in our District that we will share with our community.

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The School District of Upper Dublin



Respectfully Submitted,
Steven M. Yanni, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools