Facility Use & Rentals

Individual Use

Upper Dublin community members are welcome to use elementary school playgrounds, the high school tennis courts and school basketball courts at times other than during the school day, when in use for a district activity or event or when in use by an outside user group with a district permit. UDHS tennis court lights will be on from dusk until 10:00pm from mid-March through November, weather permitting. Please contact Susan Lohoefer at (215) 643-8800 x8994 or slohoefe@udsd.org if the time the lights come “on” each evening needs to be adjusted.  

The Upper Dublin High School Pool is staffed and available to the public during advertised Lap Swims and Family Rec Swims. Days and times vary seasonally. A fee is charged for each use of the pool. Information about school year and summer aquatic programs, activities and fees is available at www.udsd.org > Community > Aquatic Program.

General Rules for Use

      • Facilities should be used only for their intended purpose.
      • Please park in designated spaces only and abide by all posted signs.
      • The following are NOT permitted at any time on school property: dogs and other pets, smoking, alcohol, illegal substances.

Group Use

Organized groups must obtain permits to gain access to district indoor or outdoor facilities or amenities such as the high school pool, the planetarium or any gymnasium, cafeteria, classroom, auditorium, large group room, playing field, outdoor basketball court or tennis court. Facilities are available on a limited basis.

      • Visit the district website www.udsd.org > Community > Building/Facility Use for more information about when and how to apply using a Facility Use Form application, the current Rental Fee Schedule, Rules and Regulations for Use and who to contact.
      • District staff requests a min. of two weeks advance notice (15 days) to properly review and execute a Facility Use Form.
      • A Certificate of Insurance is required of each user group.
      • Rental Fees and Service Charges will be assessed according to an annually approved rate schedule.

Facility Use Forms (Permits for Use)

      • Please complete and submit a Facility Use Form to the Business Office at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the requested date of use.  A copy of the form can be found below. Save the form to your hard drive, insert the requested information, then attach it to an email sent to the Business Office.
      • Forms are reviewed by the Business Office then sent to Building Principals/Administrators for approval.
      • A Certificate of Insurance listing the School District of Upper Dublin as the Certificate Holder and as an additional insured is required and must be received by the Business Office before a permit is issued.
      • Collection of assessed fees and charges is done by monthly invoice for regular users but will be done in advance for others.

Please email a completed form to Susan Lohoefer, Facility & Community Affairs Manager, at  slohoefe@udsd.org for the following requests. You may also call Mrs. Lohoefer at (215) 643-8800 x8994.

      • Use any district outdoor facility: playing field, tennis courts, basketball courts, Cardinal Stadium
      • Use of UDHS
      • Use of the SRMS Gym or SRMS Annex Gym
      • Use of the MGES Gym

Please email a completed form to Janet Miller, Facilities Office Assistant, at jamiller@udsd.org for the following requests. You may also call  (215) 643-8800 x8815.

      • Use of TFES, JTES or FWES
      • Use of MGES, SRMS or SRMS Annex other than one of the gyms

Facility use forms, regulations, and certificate forms can be found here.

The School District of Upper Dublin’s Planetarium has been completely renovated and includes state-of-the-art technology! For more information about Planetarium events, shows, or other programs, please contact Kim Small at (215) 576-3280 ext. 7241 or e-mail ksmall@udsd.org.
Outside Group Information
The planetarium is open to outside groups from other school districts, community groups, preschools, and youth groups. A variety of programs is available and your experience will be tailored to your request. Our goal is to make your experience at our facility one that is both meaningful and educationally appropriate. The Planetarium Director is flexible with both the level and topic of your presentation. Attached is a list of the current lessons available. “As requested” lessons are also possible if your group is studying a specific topic.

The planetarium fee is $5.00 per person, with a minimum fee of $120.00. Checks should be made out to “UpperDublin School District”, and are requested at least one week before your visit to reserve your time. All presentations run approximately one hour, and the maximum capacity of our facility is 50 individuals. An adult to child ratio of 1:10 is requested. We hope to make your visit out of this world!  For information call Kim Small at (215) 576 – 3280 ext. 7241.

General Planetarium Information
Upper Dublin School District is proud to have offered a planetarium program, a valuable and unique educational resource, to its students for the last 40 years. The planetarium facility, located at Sandy Run Middle School, offers a complete astronomy-related curriculum that aligns with Pennsylvania State standards in science.  The program also offers many cross-curricular lessons linking science with other disciplines and areas of interest.  The facility serves all students from kindergarten through twelfth grade as well as other community groups, area preschools, private and parochial schools, neighboring school district students, social institutions and adult evening school courses.  Several times a year, the planetarium opens its doors to community members for well-attended special events.

Lisa Fantini, Director – lfantini@udsd.org
Patricia Shisler, Assistant Teacher
Merlene Strunk, Park Caretaker

1419 E. Butler Pike
Ambler PA 19002 (across from Temple Ambler Campus, Meetinghouse Rd.)
Phone: 215-641-0921

Map of Robbins Park


Robbins Park is a unique joint venture between U.D. school district and U.D. township. It has been in effect since 1975 through land donations by the Cheston Family, Robbins Family and Westrum Properties and the foresight of school district science coordinators, Dr. William R.H. Ritter and Daniel Jaycox.   Dr. Ritter was the first director of science education and Robbins Park. Holmes Lodge was constructed in 1976 by many U.D. township staff, teachers and students. Ruth Almond was one of the first environmental educators at the park in 1970’s and 80’s. Sara Smith, the retired director 1986-2008, was instrumental in laying the foundation for the educational lessons used in many programs today. In 1989, the Cheston Center was built as the main meeting place and interpretive center.

The 38 acre park supports over 25 different programs and activities for environmental and outdoor education. They are designed to supplement and enrich Upper Dublin classroom lessons and are aligned with PA Standards. Kindergarten through twelfth grades and community groups may explore the natural world around them through observation and hands-on experience. The park fosters integration of other subjects such as field research, photography, creative drawing, creative writing, history, social studies, and language.

Robbins Park educators also sponsor special peer instruction by high school students in the Environmental Education Club (EEC) who mentor sixth and second graders. The sixth graders develop team building skills and participate in a comprehensive environmental education camp for two days at the park. Second graders receive a classroom lesson on a butterfly life cycles from high school students. EEC hopes to help guide the elementary students with topics of sustainability.

Our mission is to empower our students and community to be life long stewards of the environment.   We teach conservation of natural resources and promote “eco-friendly” tips for recycling, composting and repurposing items. Students are charged to take ownership and responsibility for the protection of Robbins Park, and the environment.

The park is open to the community during daylight hours, for trail hiking, picnicking, and plant and animal observation. Sorry NO pets or dog walking. The park now offers 10 interpretive signs created by Sara Smith in 2009. Each sign displays environmental concepts, facts and messages. Read & teach others! Robbins Park also boasts many sustainable practices. Come see rain barrels in use, passive and active solar power, composting, recycling, rain garden, vegetable garden and meadow.

Robbins Park is always looking for community members to:

-aid in our teaching of K-3 graders,
-work in the gardens,
-donate time/ materials in sustainable projects, computer projects,
-drop off site for Abitibi Paper Recycling (to benefit RPEEC)
-and CapriSun Drink Pouches (to benefit Wissahickon Valley Watershed Assoc)
-donate bags of black sunflower bird seed to assist with our classes.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Lisa Fantini at lfantini@udsd.org or       (215) 641-0921. For more information on Township Programs call (215) 643-1600 or go to www.upperdublin.net.