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General Background

The Eastern Center for Arts and Technology was founded in 1965 as an Area Vocational Technical School under the administration of the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. The school was capitalized and sponsored by nine public school districts. In the mid-seventies, the governance of the school was fully assumed by the Boards of School Directors of the nine districts organized under an agreement entitled “Articles of Jointure for Operation of the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology.”

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The EAC is a standing committee appointed by the Upper Dublin School Board. The membership is composed of parents and citizens-at-large. Representatives of the Administration, School Board, Student Body, and Teaching Staff serve as ex-officio members. Regular monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. The committee was created in 1967 to serve as a “think tank” with the objective to look at the entire educational system of Upper Dublin to investigate any segment and make recommendations.

Research topics are selected at the request of the board and/or the administration, or initiated by members of the committee. The committee uses a variety of techniques for its research such as surveys, literature reviews, site visits, and comparisons with practices in other districts. The results of the studies are provided to the board and other interested parties. The information is intended to assist board members and school administrators in making decisions related to all aspects of education in the School District of Upper Dublin.

Individuals who are interested in serving on the committee may contact the Office of the Superintendent or an EAC official for additional information.

Current EAC members and a list of all the reports generated by the EAC over the years can be accessed here.