Upper Dublin School District provides transportation services all students residing in Upper Dublin that attend public and private schools within ten (10) miles of our district boundaries.  The students of Upper Dublin that are eligible for these services must live outside of the following distances:

  • one (1) mile grades K through 5
  • one and a half (1.5) miles grades 6 through 8
  • two (2) miles grades 9 through 12

Students eligible for transportation services may be required to walk up to the appropriate distances above to their assigned bus stop.

All public school families may check Infinite Campus for the latest student information, including schedules and transportation information.

All non-public schools have received their most up to date transportation schedules.  Please contact your school or contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.

Please note: At this time Upper Dublin School District is not allowing students to ride on any bus other than the one that they are assigned by the Transportation Department.

If you need to contact the Transportation Office with a question or concerns please use this information to better assist you:

General Contact Information:           (215) 646-7778
Cindy Ebner

Transportation Clerk

  • Dispatching daily work to substitute drivers
Rita Kenny

Executive Administrative Assistant to the Director of Transportation

  • Assist the Transportation Manager and Director of Transportation
Tim Behan

Transportation Manager

  • Vehicle Routing
  • Driver Training
Chris Robbins

Director of Transportation

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  • Supervise department
  • Manage departmental budget
  • Bus stop safety investigations

For other information to better assist you please go to Pennsylvania Department of Education FAQs using this link.  Otherwise please contact the appropriate staff member using the table above.

School Bus Safety is very important and there are two good videos that highlight safety tips.  Mrs. Place shows this video to the students at Jarrettown Elementary School.  Additionally, here is another video that I think shows the importance of School Bus Safety

Here are some points of interest in regard to rules & regulations for bus riders:

  • On your way to and at the bus stop
      • When you leave home, go directly to your assigned bus stop
      • Arrive at your stop 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled time
      • Stand on the sidewalk or road and respect the property of your neighbors
  • Boarding the bus
      • Wait for the bus to stop completely before starting to board
      • Board the bus in an orderly manner. Do not wear your backpack when boarding the bus
      • Any item too large to be held on your lap should not be brought on the bus
  • While on the bus
      • Remain seated until the bus reaches your destination
      • Eating or drinking is NOT permitted on the bus
      • Keep head and hands inside the bus
      • Do not deface or damage seats or other equipment on the bus
      • The bus driver has the right to assign seats
      • Ride the bus safely with COURTESY and CONSIDERATION for the bus driver and your fellow passengers
  • At the bus stop or on the bus
      • Use normal conversational voice
      • Smoking, fighting, spitting, or using profane language is FORBIDDEN and will be cause for automatic suspension of transportation privileges
  • When disembarking the bus
      • When you leave your bus go directly to your classroom or directly to your home
  • Additional Points
    • Bus transportation is intended to bring students from home to school and school to home only
    • No adult/parent/guardian is permitted to board a bus for any reason unless prearranged e.g. chaperone
    • All kindergarten students must have a parent/guardian present at the bus stop for the driver to release the student.

For all of the Upper Dublin School District’s Board Policies on Transportation please see Board Policy 810.

Non-Public School Student Registration Form

December/January Newsletter straight from the desk of the Director of Transportation, Chris Robbins, comes a bi-monthly newsletter keeping the parents of Upper Dublin apprise of the comings and goings in the transportation department.

School Bus Stop Investigation Request is a form used when a School Bus Stop Investigation is conducted.  Upon completion of the investigation this form will be sent to the requesting party and will be posted on under past investigations on the Archived Documents tab.

School Bus Warning Light Violation Form is a form used by drivers and community members that witness motorists passing school buses while making a school bus stop.  *please note that these reports must be sent in to the appropriate department within 48-hours for the municipality to issue a citation*