Welcome to the Cardinal Academy, Upper Dublin School District’s home for virtual teaching and learning.  Serving UDSD students in kindergarten through 12th grade, the Cardinal Academy is an option for families choosing to have their children educated in a virtual environment.  The Cardinal Academy’s online, personalized instructional methods and curricula are facilitated by UDSD faculty.

Benefits of the Upper Dublin School District’s Cardinal Academy include:

Synchronous Instruction for Large Group, Small Group, and Individual Lessons and Support

Instruction Based Upon Our Own Curricula, Instructional Programming, and Assessments

Access to Supports and Services for IEP, 504, and GIEPs

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Crisis Intervention Resources

The Upper Dublin School District promotes the use of a variety of technology tools to enhance and support teaching and learning.  This warehouse contains a wealth of information for students, parents/guardians, and families.

The UDSD Connected Learning page contains information on the following topics:

  • Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom
  • Google Apps and Chromebooks
  • Chromebook Troubleshooting
  • Offline Access for Google Docs
  • Learning Resources Access Support Requests
  • Clever Directions
  • Schoology Tutorials
  • Chromebook Accessibility Features
  • Accessibility in G Suite
  • Comcast Internet Essentials

Click here to visit the UDSD Connected Learning Information warehouse.