Jarrettown Elementary School


The Jarrettown Elementary School, serving kindergarten through fifth grade reflects the construction of the era, the 1950’s, brick, windowed, ambling, and with constraints which are common with 60 year old buildings.  However, in spite of its age, and being the oldest of the district’s elementary schools, the principal, faculty, support staff, students and their families, feel nurtured by this neighborhood school, which is part of the landscape in this section of town.  Nearly 500 students attend Jarrettown Elementary School, which serves one of the older sections of town.  The edifice portrays the traditional character of the school community, and its ownership of this particular building.  Parents are a major influence in the school, both in support of school functions and in their work with their children.  Teacher empowerment and administrative support is the core of the school.   A philosophy of safety, wellness, and learning permeate the actions of all who dwell within the school.

Leadership in the Jarrettown School is strong and consistent.  Significant alterations have taken place throughout the district and are reflected in this environment.  Jarrettown Elementary consistently ranks near the top regarding student performance and ongoing efforts have shown great strides to further build upon that level of success.  Professional development coincides with district goals, literacy is fundamental for all students and technology is evolving.

Enthusiasm and pride exude all aspects of  Jarrettown Elementary School.  Regular parent meetings and activities to incorporate families into the culture of the school are simply standard operating procedures.  Learning opportunities are substantial and Jarrettown Elementary School is perhaps the most current with its inclusion practices for special education and the manner in which it delivers differentiated instruction.  Teachers are encouraged to think independently, out of the box, yet collegially.  The enmeshed persona of the administration and the faculty draw strength from one another.

Overall, Jarrettown School reflects the community and the community reflects the school.  The sense of pride the community takes in this school is mirrored in the pride the school takes in the community.  Jarrettown Elementary School is proud of its heritage, its place in its community, and its daily accomplishments.  The faculty, administration and support staff enthusiastically work to ensure all students have ample opportunity to learn, while having a good deal of fun in the process.  Student achievement is at a significant level, with the goal of reaching every student, and helping every student reach his or her potential.  In this collegial atmosphere, the lines of authority are overshadowed by the lines of support.  Jarrettown is an inviting place for students to learn, for teachers and staff to work, and for families to participate.

Over the next decade, Jarrettown Elementary School will be responding to challenges we currently don’t know exist.  Societal changes and evolutions are demanding more and more of our scholastic settings.  Jarrettown is poised to respond to those demands, and it is anticipated that the students passing through the portals of Jarrettown Elementary School will continue to be very successful.



Dear Jarrettown Families,

I hope you are having a lovely start of summer. As we conclude another school year, we continue to celebrate the many wonderful events, exciting programs, new initiatives, and of course, honor the efforts and accomplishments of our students. In our final staff meeting, we reflected upon our wonderful school year and we’d like to share these final thoughts with you.

The implementation of RtII – Response to Instruction and Intervention or, better known as “Reading Club.” in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade was indeed a major focus. The purpose of this multi-tiered approach to reading instruction is to provide quality instruction for all students, focusing on areas that need to be strengthened or enriched. This instructional model allows educators to work with groups of students with common goals from  small group instruction targeting specific reading skills and strategies to enrichment activities utilizing novel-based literature circles, and the Junior Great books inquiry approach. Throughout the year, our teachers and staff members met on a weekly basis to collaboratively plan and implement this worthwhile program

In addition to RtII, we continued to expand our work on our new standards-based progress reports, implementing a beneficial and thoughtful comment section to each report this year. Our new progress report provides parents and teachers beneficial and more targeted information regarding the progress their children are making toward specific state academic standards.  The implementation of the new comment section was truly a collaborative effort of all of our staff – working together to effectively communicate to parents and guardians.

We believe that focusing on affective education is also very important to our educational program.   We continued our Dragon’s Scales of kindness this year  celebrating the kind, thoughtful, generous, and wise decisions made by our students every day.  It was truly a pleasure to share these scales during our morning announcements and then proudly display them on our wonderful lobby dragon. In addition to our scales, we also implemented two additional programs, No Place for Hate and our Peaceful Playground. The goal of the No Place for Hate program is to create a school environment   of respect, unity and character. A committee of staff members, led by our counselor Mrs. Bonk, met monthly to plan and implement school wide projects to support this program. These projects included school wide readings of books and projects focusing on kindness and diversity, Mix it up day at lunch, and introducing the No Place for Hate promise to be recited each day together. We are also very excited about our Peaceful Playground initiative. This past fall, many of our staff members joined together for two Sunday morning paint a thons, to transform our playground area to one that offered many new games and activities. We then introduced these activities through both our library and physical education programs, as well as in our individual homerooms. The teachers truly enjoyed taking their classes out to the Peaceful Playground to introduce a new game. We look forward to continuing with the expansion of these programs next year. We’d like to thank our PTA for generously supporting this program, with the purchase of new playground equipment and storage bins to allow access to the equipment by all students.

In addition to their support of our Peaceful Playground, we are truly appreciative to our PTA organization for their continued support of our many programs. This year, utilizing the Race for Education funds, we were able to purchase additional desk top computers for our first and second grade classrooms, eight new laptop computers, as well as continue with our Interwrite Board initiative, installing these wonderful technology tools in all remaining classrooms.

We would also like to thank our wonderful PTA and Jarrettown staff for supporting and implementing many magnificent events and activities this past year for our whole school family. Thank you for the wonderful Fall festival held on a beautiful Sunday afternoon,  our family fun nights , educational and interesting school assemblies,   wonderful Fifth grade Pasta night, incredible Science Fair, fabulous Race for Education day , super Field Day, and enjoyable Talent Show . We look forward to continuing these and many new wonderful traditions in our next school year

Along with our school-wide activities, Jarrettown Elementary, through the support and efforts of its wonderful staff and PTA, offered many before school and after school clubs. These included Math Olympiads, Reading Olympics, Band, Orchestra, Fifth Grade Chorus, Show Chorus, Girls on the Run, Dragon Leaders and Divas, Dragon Force Student Council, Peaceful Safety Patrol, Participation in Artsonia and our Art Club, and the Ecology Club. Again, we look forward to continuing with these wonderful opportunities, as well as our quest to grow in this area.

Regarding new registrations, please contact our Registrar, Mrs. Maureen Broadbent at 215-643-8971 for an appointment to register.

In conclusion, please allow me to extend our heart-felt appreciation for a truly wonderful year. Your children are amazing and truly make Jarrettown Elementary a special and unique school.   I am honored to be serving as the Principal of Jarrettown and look forward to working together with you to provide a quality educational experience for your children in a safe, supportive, and caring environment

For now, I wish all a wonderful and safe summer.   Please feel free, however, to contact me at any time with questions or concerns you may have either by phone or email at Mplace@udsd.org. Also, if you would like to receive our weekly List Serv communication, please sign up via the ENotify/List Serv tab under District Information on our District’s Web Page.

Meg Place, Principal

Mission Statement

The mission of the School District of Upper Dublin is to provide a safe, supportive environment for all students to become lifelong learners and contributing members of a changing society.

Vision of the School District of Upper Dublin
The School District of Upper Dublin includes children, staff, parents, and all other persons living or working in our community. Our vision is to encourage and strive for the success of all Upper Dublin students. The school district will be a place where:

*The schools are the focal point of the community, reflecting personal and community values through community-school partnerships in order to provide more learning opportunities for all.

*Shared decision making encourages community participation in all aspects of the district planning process.

*The curriculum process is dynamic and responsive, keeping pace with the changing needs of students.

*Current technologies are used to support and expand learning, communication opportunities, and to enhance access to global resources.

*Fiscal management provides adequate facilities, personnel, and materials to support the varied demands of a dynamic curriculum and the needs of all students.
Most of all, the School District of Upper will maintain its reputation as a premier district in the state; a district that promotes a safe, caring environment of respect for academic and cultural differences where all students are encouraged to succeed.


Mrs. Margaret L. Place
Mrs. Marianne Painter

Mr. Steven Goldberg


Mrs. Deborah Bonk


Joseph B. LaCombe, PhD


Mrs. Rebecca Reape
Mrs. Ave Maloney


Debbie Bonk
215-643-8951 x3003

My name is Debbie Bonk and I am the School Counselor here at Jarrettown Elementary. It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to work with your children each day. It is my goal to keep you informed about the current happenings of our counseling department. I hope to provide you with many wonderful resources available to the students along with many exciting activities and events. Please continue to visit our website to keep updated on the happenings of Jarrettown’s Counseling Program.

Role of the School Counselor

I am here to help you and your child have a successful school year! The role of a school counselor is to help students handle issues that may impact their academic performance. As school counselors, we work with students, teachers, and parents through a variety of services. Each service is aimed at helping children achieve and realize their full potential.

Some of the services in the School Counseling Program
  • Classroom lessons and counseling groups on topics such as decision-making skills, bullying, friendship, study skills, stress and anger management and self-esteem.
  • Individual and group counseling sessions to assist children who are experiencing a loss due to death, divorce or other family changes
  • Consultation with teachers/parent/administrators to help with challenges in the classroom
  • Facilitation of the Core Team Meetings to address the academic, behavioral, social/emotional needs of students.

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