Guidance Staff

Grade 6
Josh Meyer

Grade 7
Margie Scherzer 

Grade 8
Kathi Babin

Tona Morrow
Secretary to the Guidance Office
215-576-3280 ext. 7220
Fax: 215-572-3886

Middle School Counseling

  • Promotes social, emotional, and personal growth at each stage of development
  • Aids in the development of decision making, problem-solving, and coping skills
  • Helps with transitions and changes
  • Assists all students to mature in understanding of themselves and others
  • Offers crisis intervention and remediation services
  • Supports students who are new to the school
  • The school counselors meet with individuals and small groups to address various topics.
  • Students can be referred by themselves or by their parents, teachers, or other staff members.
  • Provide support for school-related issues and concerns interfering with school progress


  • Hidden Disabilities
  • Mindfulness
  • Cyber Safety and Bullying
  • Careers/Naviance
  • Transition and course selection for 9th grade


  • School counselors work with parents, teachers, and administrators to support students
  • Serve as a resource
  • Conference with parents and staff to promote a positive learning experience
  • Provide information, materials, and referral assistance
  • Gain understanding of students through observation and regular meetings

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