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Celebration Books

Support the Library with a “Celebration Book”

Celebration Books are back this year!  These books are given to the Library in honor of your child for special occasions like birthdays, getting good grades, graduation or just because you love them.

In order to purchase a book for your child, please send in $15 to the library, along with the information below.  Once a book has been selected, a bookplate will be placed in the book in honor of your child.

The bookplate will have your child’s name and the reason of honor (birthday, graduation, etc.) A special time will be set aside to present the book during his/her library time.  Your child can then bring the book home to show your family before returning it the library for inclusion in our permanent collection.

We welcome participation by extended family and friends as well as parents and guardians.  A book can also be purchased in honor of a teacher, parent, grandparent, sibling, or anyone special to your child.

Thank you for your support and have a great year!

—  Mrs. Dashoff

Celebration Books
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