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School Safety Message from the Superintendent

Years ago we took the safety and well being of students and staff for granted.  Memories of open doors and visitors coming and going are just that – memories.  As a District, it is incumbent upon our administration to develop a culture where school safety is our top priority.  In the Upper Dublin School District, school safety is an important topic, and we continually work to ensure that our students and staff can thrive in secure yet comfortable environments.  The tragedies that took place in our country last year serve as reminders that we must continually assess and enhance our practices.  We commit ourselves to ongoing development and implementation of safety initiatives.

The links on this page will highlight safety and security processes currently in place as well as those processes we continue to pursue.  Please keep in mind that for the safety and well-being of our students and staff, we must be careful about the type of information we share.  While we desire complete transparency, we simply cannot divulge all of our safety plans and information.

Safety and security will continue to be a topic discussed in several venues and across several venues throughout the school year.  We thank everyone for making the Upper Dublin School District safe for all students and staff!

Superintendent of Schools

Safety and Security Structures

  • Click here to see the list of safety and security structures in place throughout UDSD.

School Safety Initiatives 

  • Safe2SaySomething – Anonymous Reporting System


Daily Arrivals & Departures  – Doors, Parking Lots, Paths of Travel 

Each District building has assigned doors for arrival and departure of students and staff.  Walkers, carpool and bus lines are typically separated with designated doors for each.  Doors are monitored by building staff during daily arrival and departure.

For the safety of your child and others, please abide by all signage or published plans identifying one-way traffic, busses-only during certain times, restricted access during certain times, no parking and reserved parking.  Please also adhere to indicators such as cones and chains as well as painted curbs and striped areas in parking lots.  Please drive slowly at all times in and around the school campus and be aware of pedestrian crosswalks, traffic calming devices, and stop signs, 

For student accountability, any student arriving late or leaving early must follow the building protocol.  Please be familiar with your school’s requirements and procedures.


Building Security – How Do I Gain Access to My Child’s School During the School Day?

Each District building has a secure single point-of-entry entry for use during the school day.  You will press the button at the door to alert the front office staff that you would like to enter.  Please do not have your face obscured when you are standing at the entry door.  If the office staff cannot see your face, you may be asked to identify yourself.  Once inside, have a PHOTO ID available (photo driver’s licence is best; other state issued photo IDs are acceptable)  to present to the office staff so a photo Visitor ID Badge may be generated through the RAPTOR Visitor Management System.  RAPTOR instantly screens for registered sex offenders in all 50 states and also provides information specific to items such as custody issues or restraining orders. 

Through the District’s Human Resources Department, a process is in place to identify those who are frequent volunteers in our buildings.  Once approved, building access is expedited.  For more information about the Volunteer Application Processclick HERE


What Should You Do During a School Emergency?

DO:  WAIT for information from the District.  The first priority of school and District administration is to address the emergency.  You will be informed as soon as information is available.   Updates will be provided at regular  intervals.

DO:  WAIT to report to the school or off-site evacuation location to be reunited with your child until directed to do so through District communications.  Reporting too early may interfere with emergency responders or with the building’s actions related to moving and accounting for students and staff in an efficient and calm manner.  Your help in allowing everyone involved to effectively do their jobs is appreciated. 

DO:  TRUST that the District along with emergency responders will do everything possible to make the best decisions to assure everyone’s safety.  Emergencies require unusual actions.


How Will Information Be Communicated by the District?

In the event of an evacuation or early dismissal, notifications will be made using the following media outlets. 

  • District Website – posted message –

  • District email – Infinite Campus

  • Automated calls/texts – Infinite Campus

  • Facebook and Twitter

  • Other Media Outlets

What Can You Do to Help? 

  • Keep your child’s emergency contact information up to date.  Inform the District immediately if there are changes to any of your phone numbers, your home address, your email address(es) or emergency contacts.

  • Talk with your child about listening and following directions at all times, especially during an emergency but also during practice drills.

  • Report any safety concerns you may have to your child’s school principal.  

  • If you see something, say something.

Emergency Preparedness & Responses – Described 

The following emergency responses are practiced twice a year at each building.  While it is not possible to practice every situation that may occur, various scenarios are simulated.  Emergency response drills are in addition to monthly Fire Drills, where students and staff quickly and quietly exit the building to predetermined Rally Points, following posted evacuation routes.  If students and staff need to move farther away from the building, they will move to predetermined Remote Rally Points.  

Parents/Guardians are welcome to inquire about building drills and other safeguards.  For security reasons, the district does not share details of emergency preparedness / response plans with parents or the general public.

Lockout: This action is meant to protect students and staff from a threat or potential threat located outside the school and likely not on the school campus.  The action involves ensuring everyone is/remains inside the building.    This response often occurs in tandem with a Reverse Evacuation, which is the quick and efficient return to the building by all students and staff who are outside.  Students and staff may move throughout the building as needed.

Lockdown: This action protects students and staff from a threat inside the school, and involves quickly organizing students inside their classrooms, locking doors and remaining quiet and out of sight.  No entry or exit of the building is allowed.

Evacuate: The action moves students and staff to a common, safe location.  There are designated locations for On-Site and Off-Site Evacuations.  Students may walk or be bused to the Off-Site location.  Please read below about Parent-Child Reunification.

Shelter-in-Place:  This action occurs during a weather event, natural disaster, bomb or external hazardous material spill.  Depending on the event, students and staff are directed to move to specified locations within the building or classroom for greatest protection, as it has been determined that an evacuation or dismissal could place students and staff at risk. 

Parent-Child Reunification

Parent-Child Reunification (PCR) is an orderly and efficient process of reuniting children with their parents/guardians after an emergency/crisis which prohibits the normal dismissal process from occurring.

Depending on the nature of the emergency/crisis situation, students may be dismissed directly to authorized adults from either “on-site” (the school building) or “off-site” (the off-campus emergency evacuation site).

How You Can Help – What You Should Expect – What Documents You Will Need

  1. Understand the procedures for how to reunite with your child BEFORE an emergency occurs.

  2. Have your PHOTO identification ready to show a staff member (driver’s license, passport) at each of the 4 steps in the process – students will not be released to an adult without proper identification..    

  3. The name of the person requesting one or more students MUST be on a student’s Emergency Authorization Form.  If not, special steps must be taken by the principal or designee to obtain permission directly from the parent or guardian. 

4-Step PCR Process – Follow posted signage and staff instructions as you move through the 4-Step PCR process.   The steps are described HERE.